What Fierce in IT Means to Me & the Women of NYC

October 25, 2013

This August a thought-provoking infographic was published in New Relic called “The Fiercest Women in Tech (and why we need more like them).

It has some powerful insights from IT leaders whose far-reaching contributions are shaping the businesses they lead and the tech landscape of today. 

The timing for the piece could not have been more perfect in my mind as I had just attended the launch event of ARA Chicago–a tech executive women’s networking group focused on:

 – Attracting women to the field of information technology
 – Retaining relationships with women in the information technology industry
 – Advancing the role of women in the information technology community

In Chicago, I heard from several equally fierce women IT leaders who shared messages that resonated with me. Messages like:

“When I go into a meeting or boardroom I never check to see if I am the only women in the room or not. I go in certain that I am prepared, I have knowledge to share and have expertise worth knowing.”

For me, this is what being fierce in IT means. It means being the most knowledgeable, committed and engaged person in the room, man or woman. It means being the person ready to work the hardest and travel the longest to get to the right solution.  

The Role of Mentors in Becoming Fierce

I learned my commitment to knowledge and effort from a long line of generous business and IT mentors who helped me mature as a professional. I was very lucky to have senior business leaders invest time in my growth and fuel my ambition with projects that tested me and assignments that challenged me. 

Worthwhile mentorship is one of the most important gifts we can give women in IT today. The right mentor or mentors are much more than thoughtful guides along a career path. Good mentors are committed teachers whose lessons, experience and contacts can boost your career trajectory in concentrated ways. I know my career would look very different, and not as successful, if I had not had so many mentors support me along the way. 

ARA New York Is Coming: A Mentoring, Networking Opportunity

To expand the mentoring and networking opportunities for women IT leaders in New York and across the region, I will be helping to launch the ARA New York Chapter with kickoff events and networking opportunities early next year. I am looking forward to bringing together the many talented and fierce IT women of New York together to do what we love best: push technology to do more for our businesses, our clients and the world in which we live.  If you’re interested in helping to launch this endeavor, contact me here