The IT and Marketing Departments Aren’t Getting Along, And It’s Affecting Innovation

June 14, 2013
Chief Information Officers and Chief Marketing Officer don’t seem to be getting along, and it’s one of the reasons technology innovation has stalled. According to the latest Harvey Nash CIO Survey, CIO’s say the Information Technology department has the weakest relationship with the marketing department, with a whopping 72 percent believing it could be improved.
Why is this a big deal? In recent years, with the growth of digital, mobile and social media, collaboration between the marketing department and the IT function is having a greater role in shaping IT budgets. If they aren’t getting along, then innovation is likely to stall, and it appears to be doing so. The report, which surveys over 2,000 CIOs, showed that only three percent of CIOs believe their organization’s innovation potential has been fully realized. This is even worse than last year’s five percent.

By Cassie Slane in Best Techie June 14 2013