Less Than 1 in 10 Senior Leaders Are Women: How to Develop (and Promote) More Female Executives

July 29, 2016

Since I’m not an authority, let’s hear from someone who is.

“Women hold just 26% of jobs in computing,” writes Sheryl Sandberg. “They make up only 18% of the computer science graduates — a number that has dropped from 35% in the mid 1980s. Women who do go into these fields often say they experience a negative workplace climate and feel isolated. When things get tough, they don’t have enough role models to turn to for encouragement or support.”

“When we leverage the power of diversity,” she continues, “companies and teams perform better: They are more innovative and bring in more revenue and profits. What amazing inventions, apps, or solutions to the world’s problems are we missing simply because we’re not tapping women?”

That’s why I talked to Anna Frazzetto, Chief Digital Technology Officer & SVP for Harvey Nash, the global recruitment consultancy and IT outsourcing service provider, leading sales strategy, solution architecture, management delivery and support of digital initiatives. (And as you’ll see, another tireless advocate of workplace diversity and the advancement of women in technology.)

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Posted on Inc.com by Jeff Haden on July 29, 2016