iPad Increases Productivity…Believe Me

March 16, 2011

Last week Harvey Nash released research that showed the iPad to be far more than all the hype behind it. In a survey of 134 subscribers to Harvey Nash Online Appointments Magazine, 91% of participants said they believe their tablets increased productivity. And if that surprises you, join the club—75% percent of survey participants were ‘surprised’ by how useful the device was.

I, however, am not at all surprised. That’s because the iPad I bought six months ago has been a boon to my productivity almost since day one. There are plenty of skeptics when it comes to productivity and the iPad and I understand that. I have been a long-term, hardcore PC professional for decades. I’ll admit to thinking Apple’s technologies were for the “artsy” types and not the executive types for a very long time. And yet, here I am typing to you from my iPad, not long after going through a sales presentation with clients on my iPad and before reviewing and editing some reports on my…you guessed it…iPad.
I travel the globe and my iPad comes with me, easily slipping through security where my laptop once had to be unpacked, unbundled, scanned and repacked before our journey could begin again. It’s an outstanding sales companion that allows me to quickly and unobtrusively pull out presentations, reports, pictures and videos in office or restaurant meetings.
If I am in New York City for the day, I leave the laptop and take the iPad knowing that I will be connected wherever I go, able to access e-mail and review anything that comes my way using the iWorks software suite (primarily Word, PowerPoint and Excel). On planes I can type, edit and create documents just as I would have done on my laptop. And when I am done working, the iPad is great for reviewing articles, catching up on newsletters and newspapers, reading iBooks or watching a movie.
It’s true that when I am in the office, I am still working on my PC in order to access data and files through existing infrastructure. Am I laptop free? Not at all, but my iPad is freeing me to be a more proactive, better connected, faster and lighter mobile executive. And that—plus the simplified security routine—make it very worthwhile to me.