12 Revealing Insights From CIOs

July 15, 2013

CIOs appreciate that the IT budget is growing. However, they’re concerned that their organizations will still fall behind due to a lack of innovation. They recognize the value of gender diversity, but they concede that their actual hiring practices often fail to reflect this sentiment. And given that they report more often to the CEO than the CFO these days, many now envision themselves holding the top post at a corporation in the near future. (Perhaps the fact that the majority have accepted a pay freeze plays a factor here?) These and other revelations come courtesy of the 15th annual CIO Technology Survey 2013, as conducted by Harvey Nash in association with TelecityGroup. If there is one major takeaway from the findings, it’s that CIOs will continue to play a greater role in the business pursuits of their organizations, which means substantive relationship-building matters more than ever. “As technology has become pervasive and central to business, the CIO is increasingly no longer the only executive around the board room table responsible for the procuring and management of technology,” says Albert Ellis, CEO of the Harvey Nash Group. “The CIO of the future will be increasingly required to influence the business rather than merely controlling systems and hardware. The relationship with the sales and marketing function requires more work. It’s a critical area given the growing importance of digital, mobile and social media.” 

By Dennis McCafferty in CIO Insight at www.cioinsight.com June 12 2013